Company Profile

We are an investment holding company focused on sustainable agriculture primarily in musang king and black thorn focused plantation, with end-to-end in-depth knowledge in vertical integration of upstream production to downstream retail chain of product distribution.

Vertical Integration

Vertical Integration


Plantation Development Planning


Plantation Management & Maintenance


Fruits Harvest & Processing


Domestic & International Trades

Professional Management Solutions

The company is led by a group of agribusiness experts and durian agriculturists with 15 years of technical know-how managing thousands of acre of plantation included: 

Land evaluation includes water and soil sampling, topographical and weather analysis, land acquisition, land reclamation and site administration.

Farm planning, tree spacing, infrastructures include fencing and custom designed irrigation based on topography and plantation objectives.

Eco-friendly farm care practices included the use of organic fertiliser and enzymes; and Smart Durian Information Management System.

Sapling nursing, proven cultivation and grafting techniques.

Harvesting, marketing, export and trading.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to develop a Malaysian Good Agricultural Practices (MyGAP) certified durian farm and maintain a rigorous standard of quality from the fruit tree to the end consumers.

Our Vision

We aim to increase our current freehold land bank from a total land size of 50-acre to 200-acre by 2022.

Our Partners

We have partnered with the industry best midstream facilities to process the finest durian fruits coming from our farm.

Our Strengths

Land Preparation, Durian Stem Grafting, Custom Designed Irrigation System, Smart Durian Information Management System & Eco-Friendly Fertilisation.

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Business Units

Plantation, Manufacturing & Processing, Cold Chain, Sales & Marketing.

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We have identified a few strategic location around Peninsular Malaysia whereby…

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